Find our most consistent, highest-performing serum lot available, without having to test

Leveraging bioinformatic advances and the wide array of tests conducted on each lot of Gibco™ FBS, we can conduct multiparametric analysis lot matching. The ability to compare all of these parameters with weighted averages yields a “virtual fingerprint” of a specific lot of serum. This enables us to find the best lot match in our available inventory for the researcher by leveraging either a past Gibco lot number or specifications that matter most to their research (i.e., endotoxin, hemoglobin, glucose, total protein, etc.). The data helps drive consistency and minimize challenges that can be posed by this type of reagent. iMatch can provide consistency and convenience for researchers, with lot matching negating the need and time to test and establish large reserves.

The iMATCH tool assures researchers that they are getting the best material available for their cells application.

3 ways we can find your ideal serum with the iMATCH Sera Lot Matching Tool:

  • Previous Gibco serum lot number
  • Matching against your current supplier’s Certificate Of Analysis (CoA)
  • Provide quality specifications that are relevant to your cell type/application (e.g., endotoxin, hemoglobin, total protein and etc)

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