Access to the latest technology can make a world of difference in education today. View this webinar to hear how schoolteachers are integrating Thermo Scientific NanoDrop instruments into their classrooms and labs, providing students with the opportunity to learn on industry-leading technology. You will also learn about the latest NanoDrop instrument innovations – from the 8-channel Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Eight to the entry-level Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Lite Plus Spectrophotometer.

Gain unique insights into the landscape of science education by:

  • Listening to teachers describe how they use NanoDrop instruments to teach molecular biology
  • Learning how NanoDrop advancements improve downstream experiment success by identifying potentially harmful contaminants in DNA/RNA and protein samples
  • Discovering how the new NanoDrop Lite Plus instrument makes critical sample information more accessible

This webinar will be of interest to:

  • Teachers of future scientists (high schools, technical schools, community colleges)
  • University professors
  • Academic researchers


Scott Betournay, Molecular Biology Teacher
St. Paul’s School

Andrew Schuster, Ph.D., CTE Department Chair
McKinley Tech High School, Biotechnology Academy

Patrick Brown, Product Manager, UV-Vis, NanoDrop, NMR Spectroscopy
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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