Orbitrap Astral Mass Spectrometer

2023 Year in Review

Novel technology to empower discovery

The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Astral mass spectrometer combines the novel Thermo Scientific Astral mass analyzer with the time-tested Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass analyzer and an advanced quadrupole mass filter to dramatically expand the speed, scale, and scope of your experiments.


We’ve engineered every detail of the new platform to harmonize these technologies together along with an end-to-end workflow of enabling components to help you rapidly and comprehensively capture the dynamic, temporal, and spatial complexity of biology. The new performance characteristics of the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Astral mass spectrometer make it ideally suited for accurate and precise quantitation at an unprecedented depth of coverage and throughput for samples from single cells to body fluids to bulk tissues.


Learn more about how the Orbitrap Astral Mass spectrometer helped rethink what is possible, with 56 scientific resources in 2023.

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