Improve your quality control

Standard operating procedures (SOP) for routine rheology offer an opportunity to improve efficiency, safety, quality and uniformity through written, step-by-step instructions.  The information shared within this e-book provides insight into the importance of standardized measuring procedures (SOPs) and what you should consider when it comes to rheological measurements.

Rheology QC Application Ebook

Sound practices and reliable systems can be combined to provide truly reliable rheological results. Make sure your whole team knows which measuring tools to use – plates, geometries, cylinders – and how to properly handle the sample in and around those tools. You can also count on Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoWin Software for topics such as user management, measurement and data evaluation.

This 20-page compendium provides an overview of typical measurements, access to webinars and application reports on measurement preparation and the creation of SOPs using Rheometer software.

Download this application e-Book to see how you can successfully manage the tricks of good quality control. Because everyone knows – quality counts.