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Job Role

 CEO / COO / President
 Vice President
 Dept Head
 Principal Investigator
 Medical Doctor
 Post-doctoral fellow
 Scientist / Associate Scientist
 Student / Graduate
 Research Assistant / Lab Technician
 Lab Manager
 Purchaser / Procurer


 Exome Sequencing
 Flow Cytometry
 Next Gen Sequencing
 Nucleic Acid Purification and Separation
 qPCR / Real-time PCR / qRT-PCR
 TaqMan Arrays
 Transcriptome Sequencing


 Biomarker Discovery
 Candidate Gene Expression Profiling
 Copy Number Variation: Candidate Region / Targeted Gene
 Epigenetics / Epigenomics Analysis
 Gene Expression / RNA Analysis
 Genotyping and Genetic Variation
 Global Expression Profiling
 Microarray Analysis
 Mutation / Variant Discovery
 Small RNA Expression & Discovery
 Structural Variation (CNV, translocations, indel)
 Targeted Resequencing
 Whole Genome Sequencing
 FFPE tissue
 Fresh frozen tissue
 Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC)
 Cell Lines
Visistat reference component