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 Biotech within an Academic Institution

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 Sample storage
 Pipettes and pipette tips
 CO2 incubators
 Biological safety cabinets
 Ultra-low temperature freezers and fridges
 Water purification
 Water baths, circulators, chillers, dry baths
 Ovens and shakers
 pH and electrochemistry
 Vacuum concentrators
 Lab Plasticware and Supplies
 Lab Refrigerators and Freezers
 Cryopreservation Systems
 DNA and RNA extraction and analysis
 Cell culture and transfection
 Cell analysis - cell counting, imaging, high-content screening, flow cytometry
 Genome editing
 PCR, oligos, and primers
 Gene expression
 Protein expression
 Protein purification and isolation
 Western blotting
 Antibodies, ELISAs, and Immunoassays
 Real-time PCR assays – TaqMan assays
 Real-time PCR instruments
 Next-generation sequencing assays
 Next-generation sequencing instruments
 Capillary electrophoresis consumables
 Capillary electrophoresis instrument
 Microarray / Clariom
 Single-Use Technologies
 Cell culture Bioproduction
 Cell and gene therapy
 Chromatography and protein purification
 Contaminant and impurity QC testing
 Bioprocess equipment and automation
 Production chemicals and services
 Antiviral compounds
 Bioactive compounds
 Chromatography solvents and blends
 Drug discovery libraries and screening compounds
 Life science essential reagents
 Lysis buffers for viral sample prep
 Molecular biology grade solvents
 Nucleosides, nucleotides, and analogs
 Standards and solutions