Now you can explore gene regulation at the DNA level

Axiom miRNA Target Site Genotyping Arrays interrogate SNPs and indels in all parts of the miRNA cascade that affect gene function including miRNAs, their target sites, and processing proteins.

Comprehensive coverage

  • Includes known and predicted SNPs and indels in genes for miRNA promoters, miRNA seed sites, precursor miRNA stem-loop regions, mRNA target binding site, and miRNA processing proteins

Biologically relevant content

  • Ideal for disease association and causal variant studies - miRNAs have known associations to diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and more
  • Gene regulation – genotyping data can be complemented with gene expression validation studies

Tailored to your research

  • Choose from a variety of options
  • Order the pre-designed array with 238,000 SNPs and indels today
  • Customize by adding up to 170,000 de novo markers of your choosing or select from the Axiom database of genotype-tested markers

Watch a case-control study presentation

Case-control study of microRNA target site polymorphisms and colorectal cancer in the Ashkenzai Jewish population.


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