Accelerate RNA biomarker discovery with Clariom assays

  • Go deep into the transcriptome—Applied Biosystems™ Clariom™ D assays enable rapid discovery of coding and long non-coding genes, exons, and splice variants (including rare transcripts) to find biomarkers.
  • Keep your discovery simple and swift—Applied Biosystems™ Clariom™ S assays allow you to discover gene-level signatures from all well-annotated genes quickly.
  • Precious samples? No problem. Use as little as 100 pg of RNA from blood or 500 pg of RNA from FFPE tissues.
  • Generate results in minutes—Quickly analyze data with intuitive, free software.

Clariom assays are built on the latest transcriptomic knowledge. Whether you need a deep and broad transcriptome profile or are focused on gene-level changes only, Clariom assays offer the level of coverage you need to find biomarkers. Compatibility with challenging and precious samples, scalable formats, and flexible data analysis software make Clariom assays the simplest and fastest tools available for gene expression profiling and transcriptome analysis.

Watch a webinar on how Clariom assays can overcome the limitations of whole transcriptome RNA-Seq.


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