GeneDx, based in the USA, is a leader in genetic research testing with expertise in rare and ultra-rare genetic disorders. To further strengthen their research in molecular cytogenetics testing capabilities, they switched to a high-resolution whole-genome chromosomal microarray (CMA) for prenatal and postnatal research.

In a series of six short videos, Thermo Fisher Scientific speaks with Dr. Jeanne Meck and Stephanie Warren from GeneDx about their journey to implement the new CMA platform utilizing a hybrid microarray consisting of both copy number and single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) probes.

Find out how the hybrid-SNP arrays helped GeneDx save cost, time, and resources.

Video: Preview of video series


Highlights of the episodes:

  • DNA requirement lowered by 40%
  • Reduced TAT by 9 days
  • Lower inconclusive results and repeats
  • Accurate and reliable results on suboptimal specimen

Scientific Spotlight: All chromosomal microarrays are not created equal

Microarrays are an ideal platform for copy number variation (CNV) analysis and molecular cytogenetic research. A whole-genome microarray solution with a hybrid design including both SNPs and non-polymorphic probes provides broad coverage and high performance for detecting chromosomal aberrations with greater than 99% sensitivity.

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