Webinar Series: Establishing Molecular Tests in Clinical Labs

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The Simple, Sensible, Salient & Still Spell-Binding Seven Questions about Laboratory Developed Tests


Mara G. Aspinall
Managing Director, Health Catalysts Group, Professor of Practice, Biomedical Diagnostics, Arizona State University

Challenges of Establishing Laboratory-Developed Tests


Dr. Vijay Singh
Director of Molecular Diagnostics,

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Using molecular panels to help manage infectious disease: update on lab trends and health outcomes

Learn about the different testing methods used by laboratory managers and the advantages of molecular techniques in areas including respiratory, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary conditions to improve overall outcomes.

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Obtain fast, accurate, and actionable results

We offer a broad portfolio of molecular solutions with tools and expertise to effectively expand your molecular testing options, enabling you to achieve fast, accurate, and actionable results with reduced costs per test for more control over your laboratory, now and into the future.

Maximize the flexibility of your laboratory with our diverse range of molecular solutions:

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Maximum throughput. Ultimate flexibility.

The QuantStudio 12K Flex system offers the highest level of flexibility in our portfolio of PCR instruments and supports the super-high throughput format of OpenArray plates.

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