Enriching your drug discovery

Lead the way in your drug discovery programs.

Integrate mRNA, miRNA and lncRNA analysis into your research and development strategy to improve your chances of finding informative biomarkers and do more with your samples. Simplify and accelerate your transcriptomics analysis by combining microarrays into RNAseq workflows to select samples for sequencing or validate results.

Overcome the pre-clinical translational challenge. Integrate analysis of mouse, rat and human microarrays to validate biomarkers for successful clinical trials.

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GeneChip Human Transcriptome Array 2.0 (HTA), GeneChip Mouse Transcriptome Array 1.0 (MTA) and GeneChip miRNA Array 4.0 provide:

  • Integrated discovery: mRNAs, miRNAs and lncRNAs on one platform
  • Fast, easy workflow: data in three days
  • Analysis flexibility: analyze at the level of genes, exons or transcript isoforms

GeneChip HTA 2.0

Most powerful and flexible assay for gene expression profiling of all known human transcript isoforms.

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GeneChip MTA 1.0

Accelerate your pre-clinical studies using the most powerful and flexible tool for measuring a broad range of expression changes across the whole mouse transcriptome.

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GeneChip miRNA Array 4.0

Most comprehensive tool for studying the role of small non-coding RNA and their regulatory importance in cancer and other diseases.

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