Run more than SARS-CoV-2 testing on your QuantStudio real-time PCR instrument

Expand from SARS-CoV-2 research to research applications such as respiratory, vaginal, urinary, gastrointestinal, sexually transmitted diseases, antibiotic resistance research, pharmacogenomics (PGx) research, and more. Our portfolio of custom, made-to-order, or predefined panel options can help you expand your laboratory's testing menu using your existing qPCR system.

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 Respiratory pathogen detection
 Urinary tract pathogen detection
 Vaginal microbiota pathogen detection
 Sexually transmitted pathogen detection
 Gastrointestinal pathogen detection
 Antibiotic resistance
 SARS-CoV-2 testing
 Pharmacogenomics (PGx)
 Other custom solutions not listed here
 I am not interested in bringing additional research tests to my lab in the next 6–12 months
 Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 Dx system**
 Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 7 Pro Dx system**
 Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 system
 Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 7 Flex / Pro system
 Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 12K Flex system
 I plan to keep my current instrument
 I have limited/no experience
 I have some experience
 I am comfortable with molecular diagnostic test implementation

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