About this webinar: Biobanks and repositories are moving to the forefront of supporting scientific discovery and will require greater efforts to maintain high-quality operations as they scale. By assessing the needs of your consenting communities, securing savings and sharing samples, we can help create a measure of sustainability that promotes success in biobanking. Learn how Thermo Fisher Scientific is taking actions to balance and support your scientific workflows with expertise in cold storage and sample standardization.

About the speaker: Wilfredo Marin is a Senior Product Application Specialist with Thermo Fisher Scientific, where he provides biobanking and cryopreservation expertise to colleagues and customers. Wilfredo has innovative workflow solutions that utilize high-quality biospecimens at the highest levels of investigation. During his previous 15 years in academic research laboratories, he’s contributed to projects investigating sleep neuroanatomy, genome editing in animal models, cancer stem cells and managing a pediatric rare-disease biobank. He’s authored several publications and enjoys volunteering for important biobanking committees. Wilfredo holds a B.A. and M.S. in biological sciences from Stanford University.

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