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 Ramsey IDEA
Belt Scale System
Ramsey Series 20
Belt Scale System
Ramsey Series 17
Belt Scale System
Ramsey Series 14
Belt Scale System
Ramsey Series 30
Belt Scale System

Number of idlers11 or 22 or 43, 4, or 61
Number of load cells1 or 21 or 2241 or 2
Belt widths10-101-R1 max 914 mm (36 in)
10-101-R2 max 1524 mm (60 in)
406-1981 mm (16–78 in)457-2590 mm (18-102 in)457-2590 mm (18-102 in)
HD version available for larger sizes
Single Load Cell version 381-914 mm (15-36 in)
Dual Load Cell version 635-1524 mm (25-60 in)
Belt speed range: Material must spend at least 0.5 seconds in the weigh area;
varies depending on # of idlers and idler spacing.
Belt loadingModel 10-101-R1: 7.5-114 kg (16.5–250 lb)
Model 10-101-R2: 13.6-340 kg (30–750 lb)
Model 10-20 1:  22.7-816 kg (50–1800 lb)
Model 10-20-CWT: 9-22.7 kg (20–50 lb)
Contact a rep for calculation11.9-1116 kg/m (8–750 lbs/ft)Single Load Cell version 15.8-227 kg (35-500 lb)
Dual Load cell version 29.5-907 kg (65-2000 lb)
Idler spacingR1 - Larger than 533 mm (21.5 in)
R2 - larger than 571 mm (22.5 in)
812 mm (32 in) minimumStandards 900 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm (36 in, 42 in, 48 in)Standards 900 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm (36 in, 42 in, 48 in)Standards 900 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm (36 in, 42 in, 48 in)
Types of applicationsCost-effective weighing for non-critical or lower value materials, modular installationGeneral in plant or in-processHigh-accuracy weighing

High-value materials

High quality and high accuracy requirement

Certifiable or basis-of-payment 

Cost-effective weighing for non-critical or general in plant or in-process

If your application doesn't fit one of the above scales, please contact our factory to discuss a custom application.

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