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PerGeos Software Learning Center

Thermo Scientific PerGeos Software helps geoscientists and petrophysicists rapidly interpret digital rock imagery for E&P engineers to quickly and easily obtain meaningful, actionable data. The learning center offers you the opportunity to reduce your learning curve and see PerGeos Software capabilities. 

Video Tutorials

Large Data Analysis
Generating heterogeneity logs in core profile
Stitch together different core samples scanned separately
WormHole Segmentation and Analysis with Pore Network Modeling
Registering two 3D microCT carbonate plugs
Cropping and correcting the beam hardening of a core sample
Core Profile extension
Out of core grain separation in a sandstone sample
Out of core pore space segmentation in a carbonate plug
Pore space analysis of a sandstone sample
The Dual Beam 3D recipe: pre-processing a FIB/SEM sample
Registering a 2D SEM image in a 3D microCT carbonate plug
Rock Typing by Mean Values
Tetrahedral grid generation
Customizing PNM with XPand

On-demand webcast

Large data processing
Whole core CT data
What's new - PerGeos Software version 1.8