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Real-time, accurate coal mine dust measurements are critical toward providing data to the miner to permit them to take appropriate action to minimize their exposure to coal dust. The Thermo Scientific™ PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor helps ensure the shift-average respirable dust exposure does not exceed regulatory limits, the PDM3700 monitor is the first line of defense in preventing devastating long-term health effects such as Black Lung Disease.

photo of the PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor

A partnership 13 years in the making

The mining community, MSHA, NIOSH and Thermo Fisher Scientific have worked together for over a decade to protect miner health. The earlier CPDM, the Thermo Scientific™ PDM3600, has been optimized to be more ergonomical, lightweight and upgraded to meet more stringent particulate regulations by MSHA and NIOSH. The new Thermo Scientific PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor is the only device that satisfies the 30 CFR Part 74 CPDM instrument requirements for compliance with the MSHA Dust Rule.

  • Reduce exposure—Tracks shift-average respirable dust exposure as it approaches regulatory limits, providing mine workers and management the tools to personally monitor and reduce their exposure.
  • Real time measurement—The PDM3700 monitor provides three primary, real-time measurements: primary current mass concentration, primary cumulative mass concentration and percent of limit. Two secondary user-initiated measurements are also available and can be performed without interfering with the primary sample.
  • Lower per-sample cost—Dust exposure results are automatically computed, eliminating the need for filter transport and handling steps associated with the manual gravimetric method, resulting in a significantly lower per-sample cost and has the added benefit of continuous information availability.

Product details

PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor approvals & certifications

NIOSH (TC-74CPDM-02)FCC Part 15 subpart B
MSHA (18-A140015-0)UN T1-T8
State of Pennsylvania BFE 2-15ANSI/UL
EN61326-1:200530 CFR Part 74

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