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Sandra Nason Sandra has been working for Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2007 and brings her expertise in electronics, production and testing towards quick and comprehensive solutions for our customers.

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Yes, there are other items to do each time the TEOM filter is changed.  You would want to clean the PM-10 inlet and clean the virtual impactor or VSCC.  We recommend changing out the TEOM filter every 30 days, or as needed for your specific facility.

You can follow this guide for maintenance recommendations on the Thermo Scientific™ TEOM 1405 Ambient Particulate Monitor and the TEOM 1405-D Dichotomous Ambient Particulate Monitor.

 FrequencyPart number
Replace TEOM filterReplace the PM-Coarse and PM-2.5 TEOM filters when the filter loading percentage (displayed in the main screen) nears 100% or every 30 days.57-007225-0200
Clean PM-10 inletClean the sample inlet that is mounted on the tripod each time that you replace a TEOM filter (every 30 days). 
Clean virtual impactor or VSCCClean the virtual impactor every time you replace the TEOM filters (every 30 days). 
Clean air inlet systemClean the air inlet system inside the mass transducer once a year, or as necessary 
Rebuild or replace vacuum pumpRebuild or replace the sample pump once every 18 months, or as necessary. The pump rebuild kit contain instructions for rebuilding the pump.Varies, download Tech Bulletin from The Online Library
Replace the in-line filtersReplace the PM-2.5 and PM-Coarse flow in-line filters and the bypass in-line filter every 6 months, or as necessary.Small Filter element: 32-010745  Large filter element: 32-010755

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