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Annual maintenance is critical for proper performance.  See below to facilitate ordering replacement parts on the Partisol™ Plus 2025 Sequential Ambient Particulate Sampler.  This schedule is also applicable to the Partisol™ Plus 2025i Sequential Ambient Particulate Sampler.

V-seal maintenance
Inspecting the two “V” seals in the filter exchange mechanism is very important in maintaining a seal on the filter cassettes and prevents leaks in the system. Failing a leak test is a possible sign that the “V” seals are worn and need replacing.

Upper v-seal:   Part number 22-010318
Lower v-seal, (also used on the down tube):   Part number 22-005957 (order 2)

Particle trap maintenance
The particle trap filter located behind the filter exchange and assembly protects the sampler’s flow controller from particulate matter in the flow controller lines.

Particle Trap filter cartridge:  Part number 32-000393

Filter maintenance
The Partisol-Plus sampler contains two air intake filters, one in the filter compartment and one in the pump compartment. These filters clean the air flow drawn into the instrument enclosures by the fans. Thy should be cleaned at least every six months and more frequently in highly-contaminated areas.

Air intake filters Part number 32-004693

O-ring maintenance
Maintenance of Inlets - The recommended cleaning and maintaining the PM-10 inlet is every 1 to 3 months of continuous operation. This includes removing the inlet from the unit, cleaning it and checking its O-ring for signs of damage or wear.

PM-10 inlet o-rings

2.364 ID x 2.504 OD:  Part number 22-000485-1036 (order 1)
1 1/4 ID x 1 3/8 OD:  Part number 22-002853-3026 (order 2)

PM-2.5 VSCC O-Ring Package:  Part number 59-008986 which includes 10 o-rings in the kit (order 1 qty)

O-RING BUNA  1.176 ID x 1.316 OD:  Part number  22-000485-1025 (2)
O-RING SILIC   9/16 ID X 11/16 OD:  Part number  22-002430-6015 (4)
O-RING BUNA  1¼ ID X 1 ⅜OD:  Part number  22-000485-1026 (2)
O-RING BUNA  3/16 ID X 5/16 OD:  Part number  22-000485-1008 (2)
SERIES 2025 O-RING/SEAL PACKAGE: Part number 59-005515  
O-RING,VITON 1 1/4ID X 1 3/8:  Part number 22-002853-3026 (8)

PM10 Inlet & WINS Impactor
O-RING,VITON 1 5/8ID X 1 3/4:  Part number 22-002853-3030 (1) WINS Impactor
O-RING,VITON 2 3/8ID X 2 1/2:  Part number 22-002853-3036 (2) WINS Impactor
O-RING,2.364 ID,2.504 OD,.070:  Part number 22-000485-1036 (2)

PM10 Inlet

SEAL,FORSHEDA,SILICONE,1.500: Part number 22-005957 (1)
Lower “V” Seal
SEAL,V-RING,1.89-2.09 SHAFT OD: Part number 22-010318   (1) Upper “V” Seal

WINS Impactor PM 2.5 O-rings

O-RING,VITON 1 5/8ID X 1 ¾:  Part number 22-002853-3030 (2)
O-RING,VITON 2 3/8ID X 2 ½:  Part number 22-002853-3036 (2)
O-RING,VITON 1 1/4ID X 1 3/8:  Part number 22-002853-3026 (1)

Please let us know if you have questions.  Feel free to call the Technical Support team at (866) 282-0430, option 2.


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