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The 1405 series of TEOM monitors should be leak-checked once a month or as needed. We recommend using the Leak Check Wizard to perform the check. The Leak Check Wizard can be accessed through the instrument's display panel.

The system comes with a flow audit/leak check adapter (Part # 57-000618) for the 1 1/4-inch flow splitter and the 3/8-inch bypass line plug (Part # 32-000615).

To order the leak check adapter or 3/8” bypass line plug, call (866) 282-0430, option 1 or fill out the part request form for a quote. 

The Leak Check Wizard compares the measured difference between the units “zero” flow with the vacuum disconnected and flow through the instrument with the inlet blocked (which should also be zero.)

On 1405 TEOM™ Continuous Ambient Particulate Monitors and 1405-F TEOM™ Continuous Ambient Air Monitors, the leak check passes if the main flow is within 0.15 l/min and the bypass flow is within 0.60l/min of their “zero” value with the vacuum disconnected.

On 1405-DF TEOM™ Continuous Dichotomous Ambient Air Monitors, the leak check passes if the PM-Coarse and PM-2.5 flows are within 0.15 l/min and the bypass flow is within 0.60 l/min of their “zero” value with the vacuum disconnected.

NOTE for 1405F and 1405DF monitors:  In order to ensure proper performance of the instrument and ensure no leaks, the instrument prompts the operator to perform a leak check with the FDMS valve in both the base and reference positions. The Leak Check Wizard automatically disables the switching valve during a leak check. Performing a leak check without the wizard can damage the switching valve.

For detailed instructions on performing a leak check, view pages 48-51 of the TEOM 1405 Operator’s Manual.

Download the TEOM 1405 Ambient Particulate Monitor Instrument PM and Verification sheet to help you keep track of preventive maintenance intervals.

If you have additional questions, call the Technical Support team at (866) 282-0430 and select option 2.


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