Gino Tellier
Technical Support Specialist
Environmental and Process Monitoring

Meet our techs: Gino Tellier

Gino brings over 30 years of expertise in service, quality assurance, manufacturing, operations and technical support to our customers looking to optimize in ambient particulate applications.

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To ensure the best odds of achieving first call resolution, it's important to have as much diagnostic data as possible before placing the call.  To help gather that data, we have developed Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guides that can be found below:

Maintenance and Trouble Shooting Guides
5014i Beta Continuous Ambient Particulate Monitor 
Partisol™ 2000i Air Sampler
Partisol™ 2000i-D Air Sampler
Partisol™ 2025i Sequential Air Sampler
Partisol™ 2025i-D Dichotomous Sequential Air Sampler
Model 5030i SHARP Monitor
1405-F TEOM™ Continuous Ambient Air Monitor
1405-D TEOM™, Continuous Dichotomous Ambient Particulate Monitor
1405-DF TEOM™ Continuous Dichotomous Ambient Air Monitor
1405 TEOM™, Continuous Ambient Particulate Monitor


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