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Sandra has been working for Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2007 and brings her expertise in electronics, production and testing towards quick and comprehensive solutions for our customers. 

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Correct placement of the shipping bracket in your 1405F or 1405DF is critical to the operation of the sampler. You will find the proper operating practices for the bracket in our newly created How to Use the TEOM 1405F and 1405DF Shipping Bracket technical bulletin written on this subject complete with pictures and instructions.

The shipping bracket is used to hold the mass transducer in place while the unit is being moved from one place to another, this prevents the coupler seal in the switching valve from being damaged while in transit.

The part number for the coupler seal is: 30-011488

If you are experiencing any abnormalities with your 1405 monitors, please contact Technical Support at:

Telephone: 866-282-0430
International Telephone: 508-520-0430
Select menu option 2 for Technical Support

To order spare parts, call (866) 282-0430, option 1 or use our Customer Service web form for a fast quote.

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