Debbie Bowe
Sr. Tech Specialist and Master Trainer
Environmental and Process Monitoring

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Debbie enjoys helping customers solve problems in all areas including programming samplers, passing leak checks and getting flow audits to meet standards.

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The internal leak check uses a different cassette than the external leak check.  If the external leak check passed, we want to focus on the internal leak check disc.  

During the testing procedure, we rely on the mating surface between the top half of the disc to seal against the lower portion of the cassette shell. The solid disc screen on the internal cassette is a little thicker than the media installed in your external disc which means the top half doesn't slide in as deep and the fit is not as tight.   This loose fit is what produces a leak. In addition to the loose fit, the cassette compresses against the top and bottom seal and will force the lower portion of the cassette to flex outward, further away from the mating surface inducing more leaks.

We now have a leak check kit that contains an internal and external one piece cassette to eliminate the cassette as the source of any leak external or internal. To order the leak check kit, call (866) 282-0430, option 1 and request Part Number 59-012079.


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