Video: Collaborating with You to Drive Discovery

The scientists that develop the assays and reagents you use in your drug discovery and development experiments can also help you advance your research through an array of collaborative opportunities.

Collaboration Examples

Our scientists frequently collaborate with pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic clients to develop assays and tools to efficiently meet your research goals. See examples of our recent collaborative research projects and peer-reviewed publications.

Screening, Profiling & Custom Services

For drug discovery researchers that are being challenged by reduced staffing levels and tightened budgets, our discovery screening, profiling and custom services offer a reliable and efficient alternative to performing these experiments in-house.

Drug Discovery Virtual Visits

Connect with our scientists in cell engineering, assay development, stem cells and more through private, one-hour “virtual” meetings.

Choose from one of six drug discovery topics, and…

  • Get practical knowledge in key drug discovery research topic areas.
  • Ask questions in a private setting – only your scientists and ours!
  • Discuss research collaboration opportunities.
  • Learn more about our physiologically relevant tools and services.

Drug Discovery & Development Resources

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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