Radiation Dose Monitoring Services

Ensure worker safety with expert dosimetry services

Thermo Scientific Dosimetry Services offers you accurate measurement of radiation dose exposure in the workplace, ensuring personnel safety in any environment where radiation exposure is an issue.

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Radiation Dose Monitoring Services
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Choose the reporting frequency:

FrequencyIdeal for
MonthlyDose management needs due to higher radiation doses
QuarterlyGeneral dose monitoring needs

Choose the badge type:

TypeEnergy MeasuredApplications
Dosimetry BadgeX-ray, Beta and GammaWhole Body Monitoring in Healthcare, Veterinary, Dental, Industrial, Science & Research, Non-Destructive Testing, Decommissioning and Energy
Neutron Dosimetry BadgeX-ray, Beta, Gamma and NeutronWhole Body Monitoring in Healthcare, Veterinary, Dental, Industrial, Science & Research, Non- Destructive Testing, Decommissioning and Energy(with Neutron source)
Dosimetry RingX-ray, Beta and GammaExtremity Monitoring

Doctors and technicians are exposed to on-the-job radiation often on a daily basis. It is critical to be aware of how much radiation the clinician is being exposed to, but when it comes to chronic radiation, however, experts don’t always agree on a safe level. Read Monitoring Radiation in the Workplace to learn about some of the best methods of monitoring radiation exposure.

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Download this sample report to learn how to locate information such as ALARA notifications, Effective Dose Equivalent (EDE) calculations, multigroup tracking, unused and unreturned badges, and more.

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