Antaris II FT-NIR Analyzer

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Optimize your processes, increase manufacturing efficiency, and lower production costs with our rugged and reliable near-infrared (NIR) analyzers. Offering lab, plant and field systems, our NIR analyzers provide flexibility and real-time analysis for quality assurance and process monitoring.

Read four reasons to switch to Thermo Scientific FT-NIR   .

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Improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency from the lab to the production line. Thermo Scientific NIR and FT-NIR analyzers set the standard for process and quality control analytics through intuitive operation and unique combination of performance, power, and support.

Learn about NIR for pharmaceutical applications.

Streamline your process with sampling tools, optic accessories, and standards and references to support the quality control testing of liquid, solid and powder materials.

Simplify regulatory compliance with the Thermo Scientific ValPro system qualification package. The Thermo Scientific TQ Analyst chemometric model development software offers a complete set of tools for spectral measurement, classification and quantitative analysis.

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Analyzing pharmaceuticals?

Watch how the Thermo Scientific Antaris II FT-NIR analyzer can handle a wide variety of pharma applications quickly and easily.


Analyzing food, feed or beverages?

Learn how the Thermo Scientific Antaris II FT-NIR analyzer helps ensure product quality from beginning to end.


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Our workshops will refresh or enhance your molecular spectroscopy, surface analysis, material characterization or elemental analysis knowledge. 

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