Raising the bar in elemental analysis

Accomplish the most challenging analytical tasks in research and manufacturing with powerful X-ray fluorescence technology for nondestructive elemental analysis of any sample. The Thermo Scientific ARL QUANT’X EDXRF spectrometer is a convenient and cost-effective analysis tool delivering major, minor and trace element quantification from F (C*) to Am for a wide range of samples with minimal sample preparation. The ARL QUANT’X offers top performance from light elements to heavy elements, speed and flexibility in a compact benchtop format.


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* With optional SDD500G detector


Effortless bulk elemental analysis

The ARL QUANT’X EDXRF spectrometer provides several advantages:

  • Compact. Small footprint benchtop system fits in busy labs or next to production lines.
  • Simple. User-friendly software for both operators and advanced users. 
  • Reliable. Proven components and robust design for highest instrument uptime.
  • Versatile. Flexible sample handling of solids, granules, powders, fused beads, liquids, thin-films and filters.
  • Accurate and precise. Advanced technology components and analytical algorithms deliver wide dynamic range from ppm to 100%.

Increase productivity and support faster decision-making

Unattended instrument operation enables users to maximize sample throughput and frees up time to focus on other tasks. Our 10 and 20 position auto-changers are designed for batch analysis, which is easily started for an entire tray of samples in the software interface. Share analysis data without delay to a LIMS using the optional TraceCom package, enabling faster decision making in QC and production environments.

Effortlessly analyze unknown materials with success

New compounds, one-off samples and materials without suitable reference materials are challenging to analyze. With the UniQuant advanced standardless analysis you can obtain reliable elemental composition results within minutes for any sample, including multi-element solids, pressed powder, small samples, liquids or air-filters. UniQuant comes pre-calibrated and ready to use, so everyone can get high-quality results from day one.

Highest performance is our standard

Accuracy and precision are the foundation for elemental analysis results you can trust. The ARL QUANT’X uses an optimized direct excitation geometry to bring top performance to your lab. Benefit from better sensitivity across the periodic table with the combination of a high power 50W X-ray tube and the latest generation SDD silicon drift detector, for both bulk and small samples.

Receive superior service with dedicated support worldwide

ARL QUANT’X spectrometers are backed by our global applications and support team. With dedicated support for most countries and regions around the world, our customer support organization is the best in the industry. We offer a full suite of product and customer services tailored to bulk elemental analysis. Let us recommend a support plan or ask us how we can customize services specifically to your requirements.

Find the best ARL QUANT’X configuration to fit your needs with this comparison guide

The ARL QUANT’X EDXRF spectrometer is sold as a configured system designed to meet your specific needs.


ARL QUANT’X accessories

Sample changer

Automated sample carousels enable batch analysis for maximum productivity. Sample changer is compatible with standard powder and liquid cups, pressed pellets, as well as aerosol filters.

Vacuum and/or helium atmosphere

Measuring under vacuum improves the sensitivity for light elements in solids; while helium atmosphere is used for measurement of liquids, or to inert the measurement atmosphere for sensitive materials.


Available in different sizes to reduce the beam size down to small spot. Used to analyze small samples, such as gemstones, or a specific area on a larger sample.


Record an image of the samples or use the live view to select the part of the sample that you want to analyze.

SDD500G detector

The SDD500G silicon drift detector extends the elemental range further, enabling the detection of carbon (C) and significantly improving sensitivity for fluorine (F) and sodium (Na), allowing you to measure e.g. fluorine in cement slag or sodium in milk powder at lower concentration levels.

ARL QUANT’X applications

The ARL QUANT’X EDXRF Spectrometer delivers reliable elemental analysis results in central and contract laboratories, academic institutions as well as the environmental monitoring, RoHS and WEEE screening, chemicals, mining, forensics, food, cement, and metals industries. 


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Enhancing light element detection

Analysis of very light elements is too challenging for typically EDXRF spectrometers. Learn how the SDD500G detector boosts the performance of the ARL QUANT’X and enables new applications.

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