A well-established technique for identifying chemicals, Raman spectroscopy has been used in forensic laboratory analysisfor decades. It is widely accepted by the scientific community and has a proven track record in the United States court system. To learn more about the TruNarc™ Handheld Narcotics Analyzer, click below.

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Point and shoot simplicity

1. Point and shoot simplicity

A handheld Raman analyzer can ID hundreds of narcotics, precursors or cutting agents in seconds—right at the scene. With high specificity, the analyzer is non-destructive, non-contact, and easy to use.

Court-admissible results

2. Court-admissible results

Handheld Raman analysis is allowed in early court proceedings. Law enforcement gains probable cause and the ability to charge suspects while rapidly moving cases through the system.

Faster turnaround

3. Faster turnaround

With backlogs at the crime lab, the time between arrest and early court proceedings can reach one year. With admission of handheld Raman analysis, cases can be prepared for court in a matter of weeks.

Complete police reports

4. Complete police reports

A handheld analyzer automatically generates a tamper-proof report, with test location, time, result and operator, for inclusion in the investigative file delivered to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

Reduced backlogs at the crime lab

5. Reduced backlogs at the crime lab

In jurisdictions that permit handheld Raman analysis, crime labs may enjoy more efficient operation because each field test becomes a screening test, preventing backlogs.

Lower costs

6. Lower costs

Given the cost per sample at the crime lab, drug testing can run tens of thousands of dollars per month. By deploying a handheld Raman analyzer, law enforcement can realize substantial savings over the life of the instrument.

Early warning sign

7. Early warning sign

Handheld Raman analysis helps discover novel synthetic compounds. When these new substances are understood at the lab level, the information is quickly passed back to the analyzer for positive field ID.

Fast library updates

8. Fast library updates

As new drug threats emerge, new substances can be added to an analyzer’s “fingerprint” library quickly. These updates are made available frequently and are typically free of charge.

Beyond wet chemistry kits

9. Beyond wet chemistry kits

Wet chemistry kits require multiple steps with user interpretation. Some drugs require multiple chem kits to make the correct call. Handheld Raman analysis provides a more accurate and reliable test, and is a total solution.

Leadership and innovation

10. Officer safety

Many drugs on the street today can be lethal if officers are exposed to even trace amounts. The TruNarc allows officers to test samples without having to make contact with them.

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