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Keep your lab stocked, equipped and optimized with our selection of lab solutions. We offer the labware and chemicals that you need every day, equipment and automation to streamline your workflow, and data management and analysis solutions to make the most of your results.

A comprehensive portfolio of robotics, automated incubators, microplate instrumentation, liquid handling, and workflow software to provide accurate, reliable results

Enterprise informatics, LIMS, application-specific software, lab automation software, and robust data storage solutions

Cold storage,  centrifuges, incubators and biological safety cabinets, water baths and dry block heaters, stirrers, mixers, and shakers, water purification, pH meters, ovens and furnaces

A wide variety of laboratory plasticware, including bottles, funnels, beakers, and flasks, as well as cell culture plastics and pipettes

Information for lab construction and renovation, including lab equipment site prep forms, A&E specs, and drawings.

Over 83,000 products in multiple sizes & purity levels, including organics, organometallics, metals, catalysts, and biochemical reagents

Proven solutions, including consumables, equipment and services, to track and preserve your samples.

Learn how you can partner with us to meet the everyday demands of your contract testing laboratory.

Bridge time and space with digital tools and resources to help build and optimize the operation of your laboratory.

Explore lab equipment ideally suited for the versatile needs of your academic laboratory.

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Cell analysis & culture, gene expression, RNAi, DNA & RNA purification & sequencing, RT-PCR, gene synthesis & cloning, protein expression

Clinical diagnostics,  molecular diagnostics, scalable translational research solutions, clinical laboratory services and diagnostics development

Reagents and test kits, genetic analysis instrumentation, animal health, bioproduction, food safety, and human identification

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