Find the right antibody and protein labeling kit

Use this interactive selection guide to find the right antibody or protein labeling kit for your experiment.

Step 1: Choose your options. Simply select the features you need from the options listed. As you define your parameters the list of available kits matching your selection will appear in the panel below (2: View and compare kits). The number of products available will be displayed at the top of that panel.

Step 2: View and compare kits. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the panel to move left to right to view all of the available kits matching your selected parameters. Check the box next to the catalog number for any kits that interest you. Then click on the Compare Selections button to compare them side by side. If there are too many products available, go back up to the first panel and continue to further define your specifications.

Once you have completed your selections you can download a pdf of the final list of products. You can also click the View Product button to go to specific product ordering pages.

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