Each Advanced™ medium is the standard published basal formulation, supplemented with NEAA and sodium pyruvate.  We’ve also added these ingredients to allow serum reduction:

  • Ethanolamine
  • Glutathione (reduced)
  • Ascorbic acid phosphate
  • Insulin
  • Human (holo) transferrin
  • AlbuMAX™ (a lipid-rich bovine serum albumin)
  • Trace salts sodium selenite, ammonium matavanadate, cupric sulfate, and manganous chloride

Actual serum concentration reductions will vary with the cell line and basal medium used.

While the recommended concentration of serum is 1–5%, the concentration must be adjusted for each individual cell line to obtain optimal results.  For most application, no weaning procedures are necessary to reduce serum supplementation by at least 50%.  The conversion is simple. Just:

  • Centrifuge the cells
  • Decant the supernatant
  • Resuspend the cells in the reduced-serum supplemented medium

For FBS reductions greater than recommended levels, we suggest you titer your FBS concentration to determine maximum reduction.  In some cases, additional serum reduction may be obtained by minimal weaning.  If you are using antibiotics to control contamination, it is important to reduce the quantity to correspond with the reduced amount of serum.  For example, if you reduce serum by half, then reduce antibiotics by half; if you reduce the serum 10-fold, then reduce the antibiotics 10-fold.  No reduction is required for selective antibiotics.

Applications for Advanced™ DMEM/F-12

Cell types Recommended seed density (viable cells/cm2) %FBS in Advanced™ DMEM/F12
Vero1.0 x 1050.5 - 2
Jurkat5.0 x 1081 - 2
Sp2/01-Ag1.5 x 1050.5
MRC-55.0 x 1052
WI-38*5.0 x 1052

For best results, use Advanced™ MEM (Cat. No. 12492-013) with the WI-38 cell line.

Applications for Advanced™ RPMI 1640

Cell types Recommended seed density (viable cells/cm2) %FBS in Advanced™ RPMI
Vero1.0 x 1050.5 - 2
Jurkat5.0 x 1080.5 - 2
Sp2/01-Ag1.5 x 1050.5
Raji1.5 x 1060.5
Daudi1.0 x 1060.5

Applications for Advanced™ DMEM

Cell types Recommended seed density (viable cells/cm2) %FBS in Advanced™ DMEM
A5492.5 x 1051 - 2
COS-72.0 x 1051 - 2
MDBK1.0 x 1051 - 2
MRC-55.0 x 1052
VERO1.0 x 1051 - 2

Applications for Advanced™ MEM

Cell types Recommended seed density (viable cells/cm2) %FBS in Advanced™ MEM
HEp-23.0 x 1052
MDCK1.0 x 1052
PK-152.0 x 1051 - 2
VERO1.0 x 1051 - 2
WI-384.0 x 1052