We're excited to announce that we've made our TA Cloning® and Zero Blunt® kits even better with the introduction of our ExpressLink™ T4 DNA Ligase for faster ligations at room temperature.

After downloading the appropriate protocol below, additional procedural information can be found in the appendix of each document.

Product Cat. No.  
TA Cloning® Kit (with pCR™ 2.1 vector)K2000-01, K2000-40, K2020-20, K2020-40, K2030-01 K2030-40, K2040-01, and K2040-40Download
TA Cloning® Kit Dual Promoter (with pCR™II vector)K2050-01, K2050-40, K2060-01, K2060-40, K2070-20, and K2070-40Download
Zero Blunt® PCR Cloning KitK2700-20, K2700-40, K2750-20, and K2750-40Download

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.