LIMS software is used to track crops

Resources for food & beverage labs

Food safety is a global concern. Thermo Scientific LIMS enable food producers to standardize and harmonize operations at all stages of food production, from the farm to the table and from the production of raw ingredients to the packaging that delivers the product to the customer. Our LIMS can help laboratories achieve full compliance with even the strictest regulatory requirements.

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Traceability through production, processing, and distribution

With the emphasis on improving food safety regulations in the US and around the world, traceability through all stages of production, processing and distribution is critical for food producers in their efforts to monitor quality, effectively manage recalls, and limit product and revenue loss. A Thermo Scientific™ LIMS™ offers a secure environment for the management of batch relationships between raw ingredients, processed materials, and packaged goods and can help food producers minimize the risks associated with contaminated foods, helping to ensure the safety of the consuming public and continuous value to the company’s shareholders. Learn how a Thermo Scientific LIMS can help you prepare for a changing regulatory environment: read some of our many published articles, customer case studies, white papers, and posters.

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