Molarity Calculator
The Molarity Calculator tool will allow you to find the mass required to prepare a solution of known volume and concentration, find the volume of solution required to dissolve a known mass to a specific molarity or find a concentration of a solution resulting from a known mass & volume.

Dilution Calculator
The Dilution Calculator tool will allow you to determine the required volume of a stock solution of known concentration to make a final solution of desired volume and concentration. This tool greatly simplifies the everyday tasks of making solutions in the lab.

Molecular Weight Calculator
The Molecular Weight Calculator will compute the average molecular weight (MW) of molecules by entering in the chemical formula (e.g., C3H2O4). Supports complex molecules such as "C3H2(NO)4" and C3H2Cl4.(H2O)3" and is linked into the Molarity Calculator to work in tandem for molarity calculations.

Cell Culture Reference Charts
Reference charts for cell culture dishes, plates & flasks showing vital data such as growth surface area, cell seeding density, number of cells at confluency, volume of growth media necessary and required versene or trypsin volume for cell detachment.

Unit Converter
A comprehensive unit converter tool capable of converting over 44 units in 7 different types of measurements including the following:

  • Distance (m, ft, in, cm, mm, yards & km)
  • Speed (m/sec, ft/sec, in/sec, cm/sec, km/sec, miles/sec, miles/hr, km/hr, knots)
  • Area (m2, ft2, in2, yd2, acres, km2, miles2)
  • Volume (liters, m3, cm3, ft3, in3, yards3)
  • Weight (kg, g, oz, lbs, tons)
  • Temperature (Celcius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin)
  • Molar (mole, mM, µmol, nmol, pmol, fmol)

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