Pipette Tips for Automated Systems

Increase efficiency through accurate, precise performance

Achieve accuracy and precision with our portfolio of over 300 Thermo Scientific™ automation tips designed to fit over 50 liquid handling workstations. 

Our tips are quality controlled, providing the reliability and consistency you count on to perform liquid handling applications. Learn more in our product catalog.

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Tecan Beckman Perkin Elmer/Packard Qiagen Caliper/Zymark
  • Tecan Freedom Evo
  • Tecan Te-MO
  • Tecan Aquarius
  • Tecan Genesis
  • Tecan MiniPrep
  • Tecan Cavro
  • Tecan GenMate


  • Beckman Biomek 1000
  • Beckman Biomek 2000
  • Beckman Biomek FX
  • Beckman Biomek NX
  • Beckman Multimek AP96
  • Beckman Biomek 3000
  • Beckman Multimek II


  • Perkin Elmer PlateTrak
  • Perkin Elmer MiniTrak
  • Perkin Elmer Evolution P-3
  • Perkin Elmer Janus
  • PerkinElmer/Packard MultiPROBE II HT
  • PerkinElmer/Packard MultiPROBE II HT EX
  • BioRobot 3000/8000/ 9600/9604
  • QIAGEN Rosy
  • QIAGEN Colibri
  • Caliper Zymark Rapid Plate 
  • Caliper Zymark Presto
  • Caliper Zymark SciClone
  • Caliper Zymark Allegro
  • Caliper Zymark Zephyr
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Quality you can count on

Our tips undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure reliability and consistency you can count on to perform liquid handling applications.*

Manufacturing overview

Testing procedures may include


Raw Material

  • Conductivity test for resin
  • Measure melt flow
  • Make test part and measure dimensions



  • Seal integrity
  • %CV
  • Tip straightness / Tip length
  • Outer diameter below shoulder
  • Orifice inner diameter





Quality Control

  • Visual inspection of samples
  • Seal integrity
  • %CV 
  • Tip straightness


Finished Goods



Finished Goods
Quality Control

  • Seal integrity
  • %CV


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*Automation tips products undergo a quality control process that includes some or all of the test noted above, some products undergo additional tests not listed here.