Microarray Services for Predictive Genomics

Microarray Research Services Laboratory

Our Microarray Research Services Laboratory (MRSL) is a high-throughput facility that offers affordable and fast genotyping services for large-scale, microarray-based studies. With one of the largest microarray capacities in the world, MRSL generates high-quality data and enables academic and research institutions to complete their large-scale PoP studies quickly. Our short turnaround times allow our customers to conduct their data analysis rapidly, improving their time to publication and grant submission.


If you would like to place a genotyping order with MRSL, please contact us via email at bioinformaticsservices@thermofisher.com.


Interested in gene expression or OncoScan services? Please contact us at bioinformaticsservices@thermofisher.com for service lab referrals.


MRSL genotyping services

MRSL has genotyped more than one million samples and called about 650 billion genotypes, enabling our customers to complete their genotyping studies quickly and affordably. The staff uses experienced knowledge of best practices to process and analyze your research samples, manage your Axiom Genotyping Services project from start to finish, and help meet your crucial deadlines. A description of the Axiom Genotyping Services offered by the MRSL is listed below.

Axiom Catalog Array Genotyping Services

Axiom Catalog Array Genotyping Services offer hassle-free, high quality data from any existing Axiom Genome-Wide Array Plate for human research applications. In addition, we also process Axiom Agrigenomic pre-designed arrays. This includes genotyping services using arrays for a variety of organisms and for a range in number of SNPs from 675,000 to two million.

Axiom myDesign Array Genotyping Services

Our Axiom myDesign Array Genotyping Services enable you to create fully- or semi-customized genotyping arrays containing 1,500 to 2.6 million markers and then have them processed by MRSL with the same high-quality and fast turnaround time provided for catalog arrays.