Axiom™ MiDAS is an analysis package for automated high-resolution genomic detection of microbial samples, designed for use with data generated from Axiom Microbiome Arrays.

High-resolution genomic identification of archaea, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses in complex microbial samples

Axiom MiDAS performs single-sample analysis of CEL files from Axiom Microbiome Arrays and automatically generates a comprehensive analysis summary in a simple-to-use software package.

Axiom MiDAS—simple, easy, integrated

Simplified workflow for complete analysis

  • Complete the microbial detection analysis workflow in a single package: perform plate QC and automatically generate a list of microbial targets present in every sample.
  • Use default tables and plots to visualize results, including plate QC results; sample, target, and probe summary tables; plots of target and probe characteristics; and target frequency histogram.
  • Directly access external National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) databases for expanded details on identified target.
  • Export results in multiple file formats.

Visualize results in Axiom MiDAS Viewer

  • View summarized microbial content results that allow intuitive visual comparison of similarities and differences between samples.
  • Generate a summary table that provides a list of all samples with the number of targets detected in each sample. Summarized block Family and Condensed Family views detail sample granularity in the Family View.
  • Filter the Family tile view with the Condensed Family view to show only families detected in at least one sample and provide a cross-sample view of targets present.

Quickly search for a target of interest

  • View Targets window for table formatted results of all targets detected by Axiom MiDAS in each sample.
  • Visualize microbe frequency with a histogram of detected targets detailing the percent of samples where each target was identified and plotted at family or species level.
  • Export results in .PNG file formats (for plots) and .TXT (for tabular data).

For a complete list and explanation of features, please download the Axiom Microbiome Solution User Guide.

Download the latest version of Axiom MiDAS, version 1.0 (64-bit), and install the software by following the installation instructions found in the Axiom Microbiome Solution User Guide. This version is supported on Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Professional. The software cannot be used for analyzing data from Axiom Genotyping Arrays.

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Technical documentation

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.