Reliable, cost-effective population genomic insights to support confident decisions

Researchers worldwide are advancing population genomics studies in focused ethnic or geographic populations to reveal new insights into the interplay between the genetics of disease and lifestyle factors with the help of Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Predictive genomics holds tremendous promise. Major developments are driving new studies using polygenic risk scores (PRSs) as a clinical research tool. Rich data is helping researchers assemble large, longitudinal cohorts needed to verify and test PRSs.


The genetic information held in large biobanks makes rich data sets of billions of genotypes available to scientists for a wide range of research applications. Scientists from many of the world’s largest population genetic epidemiology projects have chosen Thermo Fisher Scientific to tailor the array design for their studies.  

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Genotyping techniques used by researchers

In this webinar series, learn how genotyping techniques, including microarray analysis, next‑generation sequencing, and quantitative and digital PCR, are being used by researchers in different applications

Understanding a shifting tech landscape

In this webinar we introduce three key whole-genome technologies and discuss how they can be integrated into technology strategies for your research.

Research infrastructure andgenomics

The Qatar Precision Medicine Institute/Qatar Genome Project is building the next generation of infrastructure to test the value of predictive genomics.

Which technology platform is right for you?

Explore the advances and trade-offs of three different technologies in the context of genomic discovery.


Microarrays—an essential tool for predictive genomics

Steve Jackson, PhD. talks about the microarray and it’s growth as a predictive genomics powerhouse and global studies in population-based testing and pharmacogenomics.

Predictive Genomics Total Solution Brochure

Propel your predictive genomics research initiative forward using genotyping microarrays that can increase your confidence in the insights you uncover


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