DMET™ Console Analysis Software provides both the flexibility for user-defined reporting as well as comprehensive translation for the most relevant genes. The DMET Plus Solution, which includes arrays, assay, and the DMET Console Analysis Software, provides the broadest coverage, single pharmacogenetic assay enabling rapid genetic analysis of the involvement of metabolic pathways in drug metabolism.

Key features

  • Single-sample genotyping—pre-defined marker boundaries allow samples to be processed in batches of any size with no impact on reported genotypes. An optional genotyping method is also available that allows the signal boundaries to adapt to the behavior of the samples included in the processing batch.
  • Easy-to-view data—cluster visualization for SNP and copy number markers
  • Customized content data reports—user-defined marker lists for initial genotyping as well as final reports
  • Translation of genotypes into gene-level diplotypes using star allele nomenclature and then into a metabolizer status bin that indicates the relative level of metabolic activityof the associated enzyme

Download information and instructions

Download the latest version of DMET Console Software, version 1.3 (64-bit | 32-bit). This version is supported on both Windows 7 and Windows XP Professional.

DMET Console Software version 1.3 includes all the features of version 1.2 and:

  • Allele translation reports include a new phenotype report which further translates the reported diplotypes into one of several phenotypes (e.g., "Poor Metabolizer")

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