Fast and simple
library preparation

The AB Library Builder™ System simplifies your next-generation sequencing workflow by automating the most labor-intensive parts of library preparation for the Ion Proton™ and Ion PGM™ sequencing systems.

Next-generation sequencing applications increasingly demand scalable, automated sample preparation techniques for creating DNA and RNA libraries. With just minutes of hands-on time and high recovery rates, the AB Library Builder™ System increases throughput for a wide variety of applications including exome, whole-transcriptome, targeted resequencing, and whole-genome sequencing.


·Enables reduced hands-on time by more than 50% compared to the manual workflow

·Multiplexing for up to 96 barcoded DNA fragment libraries


·Prepares up to 13 libraries per run, up to 39 libraries per day

·Process up to 13 DNA or RNA libraries in a single run


·Plug-and-play reagents and push-button protocol

·Integrated nucleic acid purification instrument

1Library automation

AB Library Builder™ System

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Ion Chef™ System*
Ion OneTouch™ 2 System

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Ion PGM™ Sequencer
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