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The Applied Biosystems CytoScan Cytogenetics Suite is about to become what may be one of the most powerful sample-to-insight chromosomal microarray (CMA) solutions available, with a two-day turnaround time, improved coverage, and automated interpretation and reporting capabilities.

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On-demand Webinar: Faster and Higher-Coverage Genome-Wide Copy Number Analysis

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Overcoming today's lab challenges with CytoScan HD Accel

Learn about the latest innovation in chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA): the CytoScan HD Accel Array. In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Debbie Black discusses the substantial advancements it brings, such as:

  • Two-day turnaround time
  • Improved probe coverage
  • A new reference model

This allows users to obtain more pertinent insights in less time compared to the currently dominant microarray in the market, boosting lab productivity by up to 100%.

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CytoScan HD Accel Array

With enhanced speed, improved coverage, and lesser sample input requirement, the Applied Biosystems CytoScan HD Accel Array can help you maximize lab productivity up to 100%, enabling you to reach a new level of efficiency.

  • Speed your cytogenetics research forward with just a two-day assay workflow
  • Minimize sample handling and preparation time with up to 50% less input sample required (100 ng) compared to some other commercially available CMAs
  • Expanded reference model to support improved data quality from a broad range of challenging sample types to help you save time, money, and resources
  • Maximize the value of your CMA assays with improved coverage in more than 5000 regions as categorized by multiple leading industry databases
  • CytoScan HD Accel arrays uphold the stringent reproducibility and reliability needed to enable excellent results with minimal failure rate
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Enhance efficiency and productivity in cytogenetic analysis with the CytoScan HD Accel Suite


This informative white paper examines the obstacles in efficiency and productivity that laboratories face when striving to deliver reliable and reproducible results. The all-new Applied Biosystems CytoScan HD Accel Suite is designed to help overcome these obstacles.

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CytoScan Automated Interpretation and Reporting Solution

Developed with input from leading experts, Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) software is designed specifically for copy number and cytogenetics research analysis and reporting. The new Applied Biosystems CytoScan Automated Interpretation and Reporting (AIR) solution is an enhancement tool for ChAS software that unites it with Franklin (by Genoox), an end-to-end genetic data analysis with advanced AI-driven interpretation and reporting.

  • AI-driven data interpretation and reporting: consistent, accurate results available in seconds so researchers can focus on discovery
  • Improved evidence support: options for segment prioritization including the most up-to-date American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) classifications, phenotype matching, literature searches, and historic data
  • Customized reporting: intuitive and simple-to-use interface enables easy customization, reporting, evaluation, and sign-off
  • Database management and expansion: access to Franklin knowledge base enables users to link evidence with observations and assessments for internal database development and curation
  • Relevant insights: community-driven cytogenetics research platform provides more than 350,000 shared classifications of variants and advanced metrics

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GeneChip System 3000

Our commitment to advancement in cytogenetics research continues with updates to the high-performance Applied Biosystems GeneChip System (GCS) 3000, a fully integrated platform with advanced design and automation to support high resolution scanning with minimized hands-on time.

Updates include:

  • More efficient installation with the autoloader pre-assembled inside the scanner
  • Easier and safer operation of the scanner lid with new grip and counterbalance
  • Updated internal components to support longevity
  • Modernized look and feel

  Brochure: GeneChip 3000 System 
  Datasheet: GeneChip Scanner 3000

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