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Empower your research to dig deeper into novel biomarker discovery and find answers faster with increased confidence. Reduce your experimental restrictions through advanced instrumental attributes of Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Tribrid™ MS and Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Altis™ triple quadrupole mass spectrometry bundle.

Get your protein or metabolite ID decision faster and have a greater confidence in the data you see. Identify post-translational modifications on putative protein biomarkers or develop quantitative methods for therapeutic proteins and receptors. Capture low-abundant metabolites and leverage streamlined data analysis and mass prediction tools. Do all of these in a most efficient manner with Orbitrap Tribrid MS and highly sensitive TSQ Altis triple quadrupole MS and get to the answers quicker.

Take advantage of the integrated analysis software to convert discovery to targeted SRM and get the comprehensive support you deserve by partnering with Thermo Fisher Scientific for your research needs.

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Bundle 1: Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid MS

Bundle 2: Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid MS

Bundle 3: Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid MS

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