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Do you feel like there’s never enough time in the working day? Let us help reduce your stress with our easy -to-use EPA convenience kits and best-in-class Titan3 syringe filters.

If you are performing environmental analysis why not try our EPA convenience kits?
We also highly recommend our Titan3 syringe filters that are suitable for any samples that require the removal of particulates and microorganisms. Thermo Fisher Scientific is the global leader for consumables offering you a wide portfolio of best in class storage vial and storage racks, as well as syringes and syringe filters.

EPA screw vial convenience kits

  • Convenience kits save time during sample preparation
  • Unassembled convenience kits include shrink-wrapped vials and separately packaged caps and septa in polybags
  • Assembled kits include vials with pre-assembled caps and septa
  • Recommended for discrete water sampling under EPA 40 CFR 136 “Guidelines for Establishing Test Procedures for the Analysis of Pollutants” and EPA 40 CFR 141 “National Interim Primary Drinking Water Regulations: Control of Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water”

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Syringe filters

Eliminate particles and microorganisms from your sample — reliably

Prevent the accumulation of fine particles that can block your chromatography column. Thermo Scientific Titan3 remove interfering materials, fine particles, and microorganisms, providing you with cleaner sample extracts. These high-quality robust sample filtration solutions are available in a variety of syringe filter sizes, membranes, and housings for a wide range of samples and applications.

Providing high quality filtration solutions for a variety of samples and applications

High quality filtration
  • Low extractable membranes and solvent-resistant housing
Titan3 color coded ring
  • For easy selection of correct membrane and pore size
High burst pressures
  • For enhanced robustness in sample processing

Titan3 syringe filters

Titan3 syringe filters

High performance syringe filters

  • Low extractable membranes and housing
  • HPLC performance tested
  • Color coding for easy selection of the correct membrane and pore size
  • Enhanced Luer Lock inlet which prevents leakage
  • Most 30mm devices are provided with a 1mm boro-silicate glass pre-filter This is of benefit for high solids samples with larger size particulates
  • Integral ring provides greater strength to the housing preventing leakage and bursting
  • 30mm products pressure rated to 120psi
  • Packed in reusable rigid transparent color coded containers

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