Designed for the characterization of proteins, monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, biosimilars and their charge variants

Address your challenging charge variant separations with the Thermo Scientific ProPac Elite WCX weak cation exchange liquid chromatography column. This column builds on the legacy of the ProPac WCX-10 columns and provides fast, high-efficiency and high-resolution separations of proteins and glycoproteins based on their accessible surface charge. The unique column chemistry provides excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility, high recovery and low carryover for characterization of therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and biosimilar proteins.

Select a short length column for high throughput screening applications, with run times as short as 10 minutes. Longer column lengths offer maximum resolution of your protein. These columns are designed to work well with both salt gradients and our CX-1 pH Gradient Buffers. Recommended for use with polypropylene autosampler vials.

Benefits of ProPac Elite

  • Superior resolution power for proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and associated charge variants 
  • High efficiency with reproducible separations 
  • High recovery with low carry-over 
  • Wide pH operating range: 2 – 12 
  • High temperature stability: up to 60 °C 
  • High throughput 
  • Compatible with CX-1 pH Gradient Buffers
ProPac Elite WCX LC Columns

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