Chromeleon 7.3.2 CDS brings major improvements for performance, ease of use and stability, so now is the time to upgrade no matter what version you are currently using!

  • Get the latest enhancements to maximize your data processing performance and reporting agility and use the new customization tools to declutter your Studio to drive ease of use to new levels.
  • Utilize the significant advances in system architecture to deliver huge performance improvements, particularly for LC-, GC- IC- MS/MS, HRAM users, to flawlessly handle hundreds or even thousands of components, XICs and injections. Furthermore you can leverage the new capabilities for dual sequence evaluation for simultaneous analysis of orthogonal techniques. That’s why version 7.3.2 is now our default software for targeted screening and quantitative MS analyses, such as pesticide analysis.
  • Looking to get more from your CDS? Move to a network setup! We’ve made big improvements there too; eliminating single points of failure and increasing resilience and performance across the board.

Move to version 7.3.2 now with our limited time upgrade promotion – get up to 60% off when you upgrade your Workstation to 7.3.2 before December 31, 2023!  Bring your systems together, ready to access the benefits of  Workstation Connect or Enterprise.

Key benefits of Chromeleon 7.3.2 CDS

  • Boost productivity ‒ up to 10x faster processing of large data sets (such as MS/MS) to accelerate results than previous versions
  • Drive efficiency ‒ industry-leading ease of use with a new customizable Studio interface
  • Save time ‒  new 64bit Excel-style reporting engine adds 450+ calculation functions including conditional formatting and data aggregation
  • Improved accuracy ‒ new data processing tools to stabilize and streamline quantitative MS workflows
  • SOP simplified ‒ further improved gold standard compliance tools that ensure the highest degree of data integrity and traceability
  • Reduce downtime‒ best-in-class network resilience ensuring data security and eliminating single points of failure

Download the Chromeleon CDS brochures:   Workstation Brochure |  Enterprise Brochure

Key Benefits

Version 7.3.1

Version 7.3.2

Multivendor instrument control (+ Thermo Fisher MS)  
Smart tools to increase productivity: eWorkflow procedures, Cobra Wizard, SmartPeaks and SmartLink  
Customizable spreadsheet-based reporting  
Comprehensive compliance tools to meet latest regulatory requirements  
Expandable from workstation to enterprise environment  
On premise, virtual and cloud-deployable  
Stable, fast MS data processing (up to 10x faster)  
Dual sequence linking and analysis for orthogonal techniques  
New reporting engine with conditional formatting and data aggregation capabilities  
Customizable ribbons and views in the Studio  
Sequence pre-run approval  
Granular user privilege control for Processing Methods  
New rulesets for enhanced user management  
Enhanced network stability for large networks  

Upgrade to Chromeleon 7 CDS Now!

Upgrade to Chromeleon 7.3.2 CDS Now!

Start your upgrade process here. Contact one of our CDS specialists to discover how quickly, easily and cost-effectively you can move to Chromeleon 7.3.2 software and take advantage of our time-limited promotional offer.

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