For use with Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ ScrewTop Tube products.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced that we are implementing a design enhancement to our  Matrix ScrewTop Tube products. These products presently include a polypropylene cap with an assembled silicone o-ring which provides a sealing interface between the cap and the tube. We will be changing to an improved cap that includes an integrated (molded-in thermoplastic elastomer) gasket.

Tubes with this new cap will be compatible with existing handheld and automated capping and decapping equipment and may be used interchangeably or side by side with silicone o-ring capped product. There will be no catalog number change when the new closures are implemented, however packaging containing product with this new gasket style will be labeled as a visual reminder to end users.

Current Matrix ScrewTop Cap Style with Silicone O-Ring Gasket
Figure 1 - Current Matrix ScrewTop Cap Style with Silicone o-ring Gasket.
New Matrix ScrewTop Cap Style with Thermoplastic Elastomer Gasket
Figure 2 - New Matrix ScrewTop Cap Style with Thermoplastic Elastomer Gasket.

The new cap with incorporated thermoplastic elastomer gasket (Figure 2) conforms to the same dimensions and specifications as the current cap design with assembled silicone o-ring (Figure 1).

  • Increased temperature compatibility for secure sample storage at higher temperatures, such as ambient; tubes and caps remain compatible with storage to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen 
  • Reduced risk of cap over tightening with manual or automated capping techniques

To read more about the performance of Matrix ScrewTop Tube's new cap gasket material, download our technical note.

For more detailed information regarding the silicone and TPV material and performance in storage applications, contact our Technical Support team.