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Spectral flow cytometry analysis allows researchers and scientists the ability to investigate an increasing number of molecules of interest. Learn how spectral flow cytometry technologies provide resolution to your complex research and experimental needs.

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Why are researchers excited about spectral flow cytometry?

Video on how spectral flow cytometry enables researchers to get more information about their cells in a single flow cytometry experiment

Imagine spectral possibilities

Video expresses how much more information you can get from a cell using high parameter/spectral flow cytometry


Expand panels with higher multidimensionality

Achieve high dimensional data with spectral flow cytometry by combining smaller panels into a single larger panel


Benefits of spectral flow cytometry

Improvement in flow cytometry instrumentation that provides greater flexibility, efficiency, and capabilities.  Spectral flow cytometry enables you to get high throughput and high dimensional data, even from precious samples of limited size.

Using the panel builder tool to create a panel to run on a spectral instrument

The Invitrogen Flow Cytometry Panel Builder tool by Thermo Fisher Scientific can be used to build panels for spectral flow cytometers, including those from other suppliers.


Controls and considerations for adapting a conventional panel to spectral flow cytometry

Learn about the controls and considerations needed for adapting a conventional flow cytometry panel to spectral flow cytometry experiment. Spectral flow cytometry makes it possible to add more fluorochromes to your panel and achieve high parametric and multi-dimensional data sets.

Getting to the spectral mindset from traditional conventional flow - the great rethink

How should one think about their experiments while moving to spectral flow cytometry? Watch to learn more!



Spectral Overlap

How does one think about Sepctral Overlap? What does it mean in the realm of Spectral Flow Cytometry? Watch to learn more!

Spectral flow cytometry educational content

Click on each of the robust education articles below to learn more about spectral flow cytometry. Topics include the workflow differences between conventional and spectral methods, panel design, control and sample preparation, panel evaluation, and data analysis. If you are considering transitioning from conventional to spectral flow cytometry this is a great place to start.


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