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Introducing a combination of next-level spectral flow cytometry technologies that offers an unmatched level of elegance and empowerment. With Invitrogen instruments and fluorophores together, you can run complex panels and get rich, reproducible results up to 10–100 times faster than with any other technology available.

Multicolor flow cytometry with the Flow Cytometry Panel Builder

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With the panel builder tool, you can:

  • Create a new immunophenotyping experiment or add antibodies and reagents to an older panel
  • Insert antibodies already used in your experiment
  • View fluorochrome spectrums to quantify emission spectral overlap
  • Export an excel document with your antibody choices or directly order

NovaFluor dyes for immunophenotyping

All 7 fluorochromes of new NovaFluor antibody conjugates in vials

NovaFluor dyes are designed for more resolution with narrow emission spectra and minimal cross-laser excitation. Lower spectral spillover or overlap lessens the need for compensation, decreases spreading error, and increases opportunities to add new markers. This aids in construction of flow cytometry panels with increased resolution while expanding the overall size of panels.

Benefits to incorporating NovaFluor dyes into your spectral flow cytometry experiments include:

  • Unique spectral signatures
  • Designed with narrow emissions and minimal cross-laser excitation
  • Decreased spillovers spread for higher resolution
  • Stable dyes that can be stored long term without losing fluorescence as compared to tandem dyes
  • Easy to add to existing panels

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Fixable viability dyes for spectral flow cytometry

Flow Cytometry Learning Center

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Our free online learning center contains application notes, webinars, video tutorials, and other resources to help you succeed in planning and performing your experiments. Topics particularly relevant to the Bigfoot Cell Sorter include Spectral Flow Cytometry Fundamentals and Panel Design and Multicolor Flow Cytometry.

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