With very slight modifications to the Spin Procedure, the MagMAX-96 for Microarrays Kit (Cat #AM1839) can be used to isolate total RNA that includes the small RNA fraction. Using this modified protocol, total RNA that includes miRNA, tRNA, 5S/5.8S rRNA, and other small RNA species is recovered. Furthermore, the yield, purity, and quality of the higher molecular weight RNA is similar to that obtained using the unmodified MagMAX-96 for Microarrays Spin Procedure.


Follow the standard protocol described in the MAX-96 for Microarrays Instruction Manual, using the “Spin Procedure” with two minor protocol modifications:
  • In step II.B.1a on page 7: Homogenize tissue samples in 20 volumes TRI Reagent®, e.g.,1 mL TRI Reagent per 50–100 mg tissue.
  • In step III.C.1 on page 10: Add 125 μL of 100% isopropanol to each sample.

Please see the MAX-96 for Microarrays Instruction Manual for details of the procedure.
LT035       11-May-2007