Software update benefits

Your updated Countess™ II or Countess™ II FL instrument will have these added benefits:

  • Ability to count and determine viability for small cells (~7 µm), including PBMCs
  • Ability to count particles as small as ~4 μm
  • Save up to 10 user profiles with customized settings can be stored for later use (Figure 1)
  • Ability to load and edit profiles from the Capture and Results screens (Figure 2)
  • Improved cell sizing performance
  • Average live and dead cell size now noted on brightfield histogram, accessible from the Results screen (Figure 3)
  • Average fluorescence intensities now noted on fluorescence histogram, accessible from the Results screen (Figure 4)
  • A note saying “Trypan blue dilution corrected” appears on Results screen in brightfield mode (Figure 5)
  • Replaced “Restore factory default” option on instrument settings screen with “Default” selection as a user profile

How to update the software

This video takes you through the steps needed to update the software on the Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter. Note that the process is identical for updating the software on the Countess II system.

Figure 1

Figure 3

Figure 5

Figure 2

Figure 4

Countess II/II FL software download and instructions

Review the installation instructions before updating your software.

Download Countess II FL software update v1.0.238

Download instructions

  1. Download the latest Countess II/II FL software version to your desktop.
  2. Copy the “countess_update_1_0_238.lft” file to the Countess™ USB drive, then insert the USB drive into the Countess II/II FL instrument. (Ensure the .lft update is not hidden within a folder on the USB, as this will prevent a successful update).
  3. Press the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the home screen.
  4. Select “Software Update” from the Instrument Settings menu.
  5. Select the “Update Now” icon.
  6. Once the update has completed, restart the instrument.

Register your Countess Automated Cell Counter

Registering your Countess instrument ensures that you will receive important notifications, including those for new software upgrades.

Register your instrument

Original Countess software download