EVOS® XL Cell Imaging System

Software update v 1.4 (Rev 26059)
Release Notes, 9 JAN 2015

Revision 1.4 fixes several general bugs, as well as bugs that impacted acquisition in Z-stack, scan and time lapse modes. It also introduces new and enhanced features, including visualization tools, objective calibration and an Auto Find function for Time Lapse, that improve the performance of the instrument.

Download and review the Installation Instructions before updating your software.

New features


  • Optimized memory management for longer time-lapse sequences
  • Improved image capture for better stability during longer time-lapse sequences
  • New profiles for the following objectives: AMEP4733, AMEP4734, AMEP4735, AMEP4736, AMPFOP050, & AMPFOP100

Bug fixes

General bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause long exposures to result in a dark (nearly black) image
  • Improved error logging


Software Update REV 26059
Important Installation Instructions

  1. Insert fresh USB drive with at least 50 MB available space into your PC
  2. Right click “Download” link for Software Update
  3. Select “Save Link as”
    NOTE FOR IE USERS: If the file name reads .zip, change to .amg
  4. Select USB Drive and press Save (file name should have .amg extension)
  5. Plug USB flash drive into a USB port on your EVOS® XL instrument
  6. Click System tab in EVOS® XL software, and then select the Service tab
  7. Click Update Software in the service tab. A verification progress bar should appear
  8. After file verification, an update permission dialog will pop up
  9. Check the revision details and click Yes to start the update
  10. A Windows® Setup dialog box will pop up. Click Next to proceed with software update
  11. The screen will display the update progress. When the update is complete, the Windows® desktop will appear. Click the EVOS® XL icon to launch the software.

    Download Installation Instructions

Technical Documents

DownloadUser Guide: 15 JUN 12 For EVOS® XL transmitted light models, updated for latest software release.  
DownloadQuick Start Guide: 15 JUN 12 For EVOS® XL transmitted light models, updated for latest software release.