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New LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software v2.5.1

LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software leverages years of customer feedback and development for analysis tools for SOLiD™ system data, to enable faster translation of next-generation data to biologically meaningful results. Designed to match the accuracy of the next generation 5500 Genetic Analyzers with Exact Call Chemistry (ECC), LifeScope™ streamlines your data analysis.

NOTE: There is no installation support for this software. LifeScope™ software requires a Linux operating system, and has very specific high performance compute hardware requirements. Please read installation/hardware requirements carefully before downloading this software. This software DOES NOT run in a Windows or Mac environment.


Updates & Patches

 LinuxDownloadLifeScope™ Software v2.5.1 (Registration required)  
 LinuxDownloadLifeScope™ Software v2.5.1 install script  
 LinuxDownloadLifeScope™ Software Performance Verification scripts (updated Nov. 27, 2011)  
 LinuxDownloadLifeScope™ Software example workflows/data (updated Nov. 27, 2011)  
 LinuxDownloadERCC controls files for whole transcriptome analyses  



 PDFDownloadInstallation and Release Notes (Note: CentOS 6.0 and RedHat 6.0 operating systems are not supported. Also, SGE and LSF schedulers are not supported on a workstation configuration.)
 PDFDownloadInformation about the LifeScope™ Data Drive
 PDFDownloadLifeScope™ GUI User Guide Including Installation Instructions (updated March 2012)

LifeScope™ Advanced User Guide Including Installation Instructions (updated March 2012)



When citing LifeScope™ software, refer to Thermofisher